Baking & Decorating Classes

Baking & Decorating Classes

Frosted is proud to offer a verity of baking and decorating classes.

Who should attend:

-- Individuals of All Ages
-- Children's Groups (Scouts, 4H, Play Groups, Sports Teams)
-- Teens Interested in the Culinary Arts
-- Neighbors, Friends, and Family
-- Work Departments (Team Building)
-- Community Social Clubs

Each class is planned with enjoyment and education in mind, however each will have specific skill-sets associated, so please read over the upcoming class descriptions and pick your pleasure. For adult classes more advanced techniques may be implemented. If you belong to a group, please Contact Us (Click Here), so that we can customize or offer you a private class. Our Decorating Experts are excited to hear from you. 


The Basics: Each student will enjoy a hands-on group lesson on topic. Our Decorating Instructors will walk the class thru the lesson step by step, so that you will walk out with an A+ end-product. 

• Class dates and times vary: CLICK FOR CLASSES
• Special group classes are available*
• Minimum number of students is 6, max is 18

*Special group glasses: For groups with children 7-years of age or under we request one adult chaperone for every six kids attending.


To see whats' cooking in our upcoming classes, CLICK HERE.  You can now register and pay online! Have an idea for a class?  Contact Us and lets start prepping!






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